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“To practice equestrian art is to establish a conversation on a higher level with the horse; a dialogue of courtesy and finesse…

…Only a rider who has a good position may obtain valid results from his horse.”
Nuno Oliveira (Legendary Portuguese Dressage Master) Excerpts from Reflections on Equestrian Art.
About Us

Patty Moreland has over 25 years of experience training horses and riders. She has trained with the late Major Bella Butaky, has been a student of Jessica and Missy Ransehousen, Skip Webster, Denny Emerson, Cindy Sydnor, Lynn Leath, Buck Brannaman, Greg Eliel, Bryan Neubert and Joe Wolter. Since 1980, she competed in hunter, dressage and eventing and has participated in numerous Horsemanship clinics. Her focus is the rider's seat maintaining correct posture and suppleness on the horse.

Always fascinated by "The School of Lightness," her native country's style of riding, in the last few years especially she has been studying the teachings of French Dressage Classicists and have applied their principles in conjunction with Horsemanship in her teachings. Her expertise is to address any rider’s imbalances, crookedness, and fitness, so the rider can confidently ride his/her horse on the trails or in the show ring.

Vanessa Moreland began riding at a very young age and specializes in working with the beginner rider. She teaches children, ages 5 and up, as well as adults. In addition to training the rider from the start, she helps horses of all ages develop into solid saddle horses, whether it is for competition or pleasure riding. Vanessa has and continues to work with horsemanship professionals Buck Brannaman, Greg Eliel, Brent Graef, Bryan Neubert and Laurent Mezailles. She studied extensively as a working student under Jessica Ransehousen as well as ridden with Shea Walsh and Linda Zang. Vanessa has a passion for combining classical dressage and horsemanship to teach softness and inspire confidence in both the horse and the rider. Vanessa is also EAGALA certified as a equine specialist and offers her expertise in facilitating EAP/EAL sessions.

Our Philosophy

“Understanding a horse is something of an art…….What a person has in mind to present to the horse needs to be something that’s possible for a horse to actually do. Then the person has to be able to understand it themselves, through feel, and apply it in a way that the horse can understand.”
Bill Dorrance (Legendary Equestrian Master) Excerpts from True Horsemanship through Feel


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