Willow Oak Farm Riding School
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our priority at Willow Oak farm is the well being of the horse, both physically and mentally. Our philosophy is to first teach the rider to develop a balanced and light seat before he or she can better influence their horse. We believe that respect for the horse, proper care, correct and consistent handling and working helps to develop a willing and proud partner. Through Buck Brannaman Style horsemanship and Classical Dressage, we provide a common sense approach to helping horses become responsive, relaxed, and centered bringing a finer communication between horse and rider.

We promote fitness and versatility for both the horse and the rider. With a strong emphasis on safety, we provide a fun working environment that blends all ages and goals. Once that is achieved we strive to work in a way that is mindful of the horse, allowing the rider to develop a feel for softness rather than riding through force or through the help of artificial aids.

Our unique approach of horsemanship and classical Dressage teaches all the basic movements that a horse and rider need to know in order to pursue their discipline of choice. We welcome all breeds of horses, all disciplines, and all levels and ages of both horse and rider.

“There are many forms of riding. The classical way, however, reaches back centuries and has proved to be the right one. When following it, one realizes that it is a very open way of schooling. It is a wide road that accommodates every horse.”
Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg
Former Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School

"I have time" should be the guiding word especially of dressage riders during the entire course of training and remind him of the fact that the goal of the classical art of riding is to be attained only by the gradual increase of demands."
Alois Podhajsky
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